"Astros In Sound" contains a year-by-year narrative of the Houston Astros from their beginning as the Houston Colt .45s in 1962 until they vacated the Astrodome at the end of the 1999 season. Every effort has been made to provide a factual accounting of baseball events. The history of the Houston franchise is broken up into periods of time:

A. The Colt .45s (1962-1964)
B. The Spacemen (1965-1969)
C. The Orange Crushers (1970-1974)
D. The Rainbow Warriors (1975-1979)
E. Winning The West (1980)
F. April Showers (1981-1985)
G. Pennant Under Glass (1986)
H. Star Power (1987-1991)
I.  Under New Management (1992-1996)
J.  Central Champions (1997-1999)
K. Colt Stadium and the Astrodome

    The pictures and audio for this work have been culled from many sources. This is not produced in collaboration with the Houston Astros Baseball Club, Major League Baseball or any of the broadcast sources used. The text is my original work. The purpose of this disc is for educational, historical and entertainment value.

    I take no responsibility for any unintended or unauthorized use of this product. It is simply a labor of love by the author in order to share the Astros' rich history with those who enjoy baseball. Thank you for reading.

Bob Hulsey
Austin, TX
March 2001

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