Astros History - Other

There's so much more about the Houston Astros than just the players and scores. Here's where you can get your fill of audio and visual delights, learn about the Astrodome and find out other tidbits about the team we love.


Astros Media Library - A growing collection of audio and video clips picked up from discontinued tapes and broadcasts of historical games.

Books for Astros Fans - Reviews on many Astros-related books that belong on your bookshelf.

Astros Card Gallery - An extensive collection of Houston Astros baseball cards, ordered by year, from 1962 to the early Nineties.


Colt Stadium & the Astrodome - A look back at the two stadiums that preceded Astros Field.

Ode to the Astrodome - The story of the Astrodome -- by Brock Bordelon

Home Run Spectacular - relive the sights and sounds of the Astrodome's original Home Run Spectacular.

Housing the Spectacle - A history of the Astrodome from an architectural standpoint

Houston Union Station: The Great Hall Revealed - A history of Houston's Union Station, by Tom Marsh


The Men Behind The Mic - Profiles of the Astros' broadcasters through the years.

Gene Elston's Journal - Columns, speeches and anecdotes from the original voice of the Houston Colt .45s/Astros.

AstrosDaily On AM 1560 The Game - AstrosDaily columnists and special guests appear on the radio.


From Pistols To Pinstripes - A historical review of the uniforms worn by the Colts and Astros through the years.

Astros Most Wanted - Read about the effort by Retrosheet to recover lost play-by-play accounts and the games still needed.