September 27, 1963

The All-Rookie Game
September 27, 1963

by Darrell Pittman

The Colt .45s' All-Rookie Team
Back row: Brock Davis (LF), Aaron Pointer (RF), Jimmy Wynn (CF)
Middle row: Glenn Vaughan (3B), Sonny Jackson (SS), Joe Morgan (2B), Rusty Staub (1B)
Front row: Jay Dahl (P), Jerry Grote (C)
(c) Houston Astros

Game Recap   Box Score and Play by Play

In the closing series of their sophomore season, the fledgling Houston Colt .45s faced flagging attendance.

In an effort to bolster gate receipts, the front office decided to try something new: field a team composed entirely of rookies.  No major league team had tried it before, and none has done so since.  It was a unique occurrence in the history of Major League Baseball.

Two days before the end of the regular season, on September 27, 1963, at Houston's Colt Stadium in a game against their expansion twins, the New York Mets, the Colt .45s fielded an all-rookie team. Their average age was 19. It was MLB's youngest-ever starting lineup.

Starting pitcher Jay Dahl, 17 years old, was a last-minute replacement for fellow-rookie Larry Yellen, who was observing a religious holiday. Dahl held the Mets scoreless in the first inning, but gave up three runs on three hits, a wild pitch, and a fielding error by Brock Davis.

Another rookie, 19-year-old Danny Coombs, replacing Dahl, gave up three more hits and a wild pitch. Rookie Joe Hoerner pitched Houston out of a jam in the fourth, but by that time, the Colt .45s were down 8-0.

Houston fielded, in all, 15 rookies before finally inserting veteran Carl Warwick in the eighth inning.

Joe Morgan's ninth-inning triple was Houston's only extra-base hit of the day. The only other Colt scoring was on a pair of singles by Rusty Staub.

The last-place Mets ended up giving Houston a 10-3 drubbing.

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Mets Wallop Colt Rookie Lineup, 10-3
by Mickey Herskowitz
Houston Chronicle, Saturday, September 28, 1963

Houston's team of tomorrow found the going rather rough in the here and now Friday night. The New York Mets, the big bullies, whomped them, 10-3, in the opener of the season's final series at Colt Stadium.

As promised, Manager Harry Craft started an all rookie line-up, and he stuck by it through thin and thinner. Fifteen Colts saw service before a non-rookie, Carl Warwick, entered the game as a pinch hitter in the eighth. The Mets took advantage of Houston's youth, as the saying goes, to pound five pitchers for 15 hits and make life easy for Lefty Al Jackson.

Nevertheless, the night was an historic one for the Colt .45s.

Chunky Jay Dahl, a 17-year-old southpaw from California, became the youngest pitcher to start a game in the majors since Joe Nuxhall made his wartime debut for the Redlegs in 1945, at 16. Von McDaniel was a mature gentleman of 18 when he made headlines for the Cardinals in 1957, fresh out of high school in Oklahoma.

Morgan: RBI triple.
(c) Houston Atros
Dahl, the first of three rookie southpaws to perform for the .45s, gave his all, and the Mets took it. They scored three in the second -- with the help of two errors -- and five more in the third, strafing Dahl and Danny Coombs for seven hits. That gave New York an 8-0 lead at the end of three, and a crowd of 5,802 faithful Colt fans settled back to a long, quiet evening.

One of the highlights of the game came in the next inning, when the Mets seemed headed for another big rally. But with runners at second and third and one out, Lefty Joe Hoerner struck out Tim Harkness, and the crowd appreciated it. They cheered loudly, and a moment later the inning was over.

You could forgive the Colt rookies if they were a bit jittery Friday night. Five of them had never played pro ball before this year, and three of them were starting for the first time in a major league game, sort of. It may be stretching a point to say that Dahl had a major league lineup behind him. And if you wanted to be unkind -- and why not? -- you could say it was doubtful that he had one facing him.

The Colts started their greenhorn squad for the novelty of it, and out of curiosity, and just possibly for the sake of a little publicity. There was no reason to be disappointed, except, that this ended Houston's four-game winning streak.

Ol' Casey Stengel didn't exactly play fair. He started his best pitcher, Jackson, who is even tough on adults. Al wasn't at his sharpest Friday night, but the Colts could do little with the several chances they had.

Jackson gave up 11 hits, and at least one Colt reached base in every blessed inning. But he struck out eight, and Houston left 12 bodies on base. Al more or less coasted to his 13th victory against 17 defeats. Rusty Staub scored the first Colt run in the fourth and drove in the second an inning later, and then Joe Morgan tripled home the last one in the ninth. There were .45s at first and third when Jackson retired the next three hitters to end the game.

Jim Wynn and Aaron Pointer were the only Houston starters old enough to vote Friday night. When the rookie Colt pitchers got in trouble it was Staub who walked over to give them a comforting word, as befits a veteran of 19.

Dahl, Coombs and Hoerner -- all southpaws -- went the first six innings, before rookie right-hander Jim Dickson came on. Dick Drott pitched the ninth, giving up the final Met run. Hoerner, 24, and up from San Antonio, did a fine job in his three-inning chore, blanking the Mets on two hits and striking out two.

The average age of the Houston team that took the field Friday night was 19 years and four months, a fact that has been rather widely advertised. So it was duly noted in the press box that when Rod Kanehl replaced Frank Thomas in left field in the eighth, it lowered the Met average to 32 years and four months.

The fact that the Colt rookies failed to win did not exactly ruin the night. They provided some sort of thrill on almost every play as typified by Brock Davis in left field. He overran one base hit and dropped a fly ball for an error, then made two spectacular catches, one facing the wall in left center and another into the Houston bullpen.

So the Colts still need one victory to surpass last year's total, and they send Don Nottebart after it Saturday at 1:30 PM against New York's Craig Anderson.

Mets Rough On Colts' Kiddie Corps
Display of Houston's Rookies Worthwhile but Unsuccessful
by John Wilson
Houston Post, Saturday, September 28, 1963

It was an attention-attracting move on the part of the Houston Colts management, starting an all-rookie team averaging 19 years of age.

It dramatized the Colts' huge effort to corral young players in hopes of building a pennant contender here. But it is a long step from the minors to the majors -- even that part of the majors inhabited by the Houston Colts and the New York Mets. The Mets routed the youngsters, 10-3, before 5,802 fans Friday night at Colt Stadium.

Display Worthwhile

So while the display was showy but worthwhile, there likely won't be any undue clamor from the fans to see it again. It was a success in conception, but a failure in execution.

Warwick: First vet
in game.
(c) Houston Atros
The varsity returns for the Colts today as Don Nottebart (10-8) goes against the Mets' Craig Anderson (0-1). Actually, Anderson was to be in danger in today's 1:30 p.m. game of suffering his 18th big league loss in a row. Sixteen of those defeats came last season and Anderson has tacked another onto it since being called up from Buffalo where he had a 9-12 record.

The season closes Sunday afternoon with Chris Zachary (2-2) scheduled to toss for Houston.

Suspense Ends Early

Friday night's suspense ended early. The Mets piled up an 8-0 lead in the first three innings. "It could have been a lot closer game if we had caught the ball early in the game," manager Harry Craft said. "They didn't hit Dahl so hard."

Jay Dahl, a 17-year-old who graduated from Bloomington, Cal., High School last June, started for Houston. The Mets roughed him up for three runs in the second inning on three hits, a pair of errors and a wild pitch. The Mets really tore it for the Colts in the third with seven hits off Dahl and Dan Coombs for five runs.

Best Mound Job

Joe Hoerner, who was out of this age contest at 24 years, turned in the best mound job for Houston with three innings of scoreless work after that early Met breakthrough. The Mets added a run off Jim Dickson, an error setting it up, in the seventh and another off Dick Drott in the ninth.

Houston got its runs as singletons as Al Jackson pitched his 13th win of the year. He had lost 17 but he had never had it so good on the Mets as Friday night. He gave up 11 hits, three walks, suffered from two errors, and still breezed to the distance without a moment of real anxiety.

Rusty Staub and Aaron Pointer singled in order to open the fourth, and Brock Davis' grounder scored a run. Hoerner reached base on an error in the fifth and later scored on Staub's single.

Joe Morgan tripled to score Ernie Fazio in the ninth.

Houston leads New York, 11-5, in the season's schedule.

Box Score and Play by Play

Box score

     Game of Friday, 9/27/1963 -- New York at Houston 
     Courtesy of Retrosheet

  New York           AB  R  H RBI    Houston            AB  R  H RBI
Christopher J, rf     4  0  1  1   Jackson S, ss         3  0  0  0
Smith D, cf           5  1  1  0   Fazio E, 3b           1  1  0  0
Hunt R, 2b            5  1  1  1   Morgan J, 2b          5  0  2  1
Schreiber T, 2b       0  0  0  0   Wynn J, cf            4  0  2  0
Thomas F, lf          5  1  2  0   Staub R, 1b           5  1  2  1
Kanehl R, lf          0  0  0  0   Pointer A, rf         5  0  1  0
Hickman J, 3b         5  1  3  1   Davis B, lf           5  0  1  1
Harkness T, 1b        5  2  1  0   Vaughan G, 3b-ss      4  0  2  0
Kranepool E, 1b       0  0  0  0   Grote J, c            3  0  1  0
Cannizzaro C, c       4  2  1  2   Adlesh D, c           1  0  0  0
Moran A, ss           5  2  3  2   Dahl J, p             0  0  0  0
Jackson A, p          5  0  2  1   Coombs D, p           0  0  0  0
                                   Weekly J, ph          0  0  0  0
                                   Hoerner J, p          1  1  0  0
                                   White M, ph           1  0  0  0
                                   Dickson J, p          0  0  0  0
                                   Warwick C, ph         1  0  0  0
                                   Drott D, p            0  0  0  0
                     -- -- -- --                        -- -- -- --
                     43 10 15  8                        39  3 11  3

New York         035 000 101 -- 10
Houston          000 110 001 --  3

  New York             IP  H  R ER BB SO
Jackson A (W)         9.0 11  3  1  3  8

  Houston              IP  H  R ER BB SO
Dahl J (L)            2.2  7  7  5  0  0
Coombs D              0.1  3  1  1  0  0
Hoerner J             3.0  2  0  0  0  2
Dickson J             2.0  1  1  0  1  0
Drott D               1.0  2  1  1  0  0

E -- Davis B 2, Jackson S, Harkness T, Hickman J
LOB -- New York 8, Houston 12
2B -- Hunt R, Hickman J, Harkness T
3B -- Morgan J
CS -- Wynn J
SF -- Cannizzaro C
WP -- Dahl J, Drott D
PB -- Grote J
T -- 2:38
A -- 5,802

Play by Play

Retrosheet Play-by-Play Account
Game of Friday, 9/27/1963 -- New York Mets at Houston Colts

Starting Lineups:

   New York                      Houston
1. rf Joe Christopher            ss Sonny Jackson           
2. cf Dick Smith                 2b Joe Morgan            
3. 2b Ron Hunt                   cf Jim Wynn              
4. lf Frank Thomas               1b Rusty Staub             
5. 3b Jim Hickman                rf Aaron Pointer           
6. 1b Tim Harkness               lf Brock Davis             
7.  c Chris Cannizzaro           3b Glenn Vaughan           
8. ss Al Moran                    c Jerry Grote             
9.  p Al Jackson                  p Jay Dahl              

METS 1ST: J.Christopher grounded out (S.Jackson to R.Staub); All
rookie lineup for Houston ML debut Jay Dahl; D.Smith grounded
out (J.Morgan to R.Staub); R.Hunt lined to R.Staub; 0 R, 0 H, 0
E, 0 LOB.  Mets 0, Colts 0.

COLTS 1ST: ML debut Sonny Jackson; S.Jackson lined to
T.Harkness; J.Morgan struck out; J.Wynn singled to center field;
J.Wynn was caught stealing second (C.Cannizzaro to A.Moran); 0
R, 1 H, 0 E, 0 LOB.  Mets 0, Colts 0.

METS 2ND: F.Thomas singled to right field; J.Dahl threw a wild
pitch [F.Thomas to second]; J.Hickman singled to left field
[F.Thomas scored (no RBI) (error by B.Davis), J.Hickman to
second]; T.Harkness grounded out (R.Staub unassisted) [J.Hickman
to third]; C.Cannizzaro grounded out (S.Jackson to R.Staub)
[J.Hickman scored (unearned)]; A.Moran reached on an error by
S.Jackson [A.Moran to second]; A.Jackson singled to center field
[A.Moran scored (unearned)]; J.Christopher flied to A.Pointer; 3
R (1 ER), 3 H, 2 E, 1 LOB.  Mets 3, Colts 0.

COLTS 2ND: R.Staub flied to D.Smith; A.Pointer popped to
R.Hunt; B.Davis singled to right field; G.Vaughan singled to
center field [B.Davis to second]; J.Grote struck out; 0 R, 2 H,
0 E, 2 LOB.  Mets 3, Colts 0.

METS 3RD: D.Smith singled to left field; R.Hunt doubled to left
field [D.Smith scored]; F.Thomas popped to R.Staub in foul
territory; J.Hickman singled to right field [R.Hunt scored];
T.Harkness forced J.Hickman (S.Jackson to J.Morgan) [T.Harkness
to first]; C.Cannizzaro singled to right field [T.Harkness to
Coombs; J.Grote allowed a passed ball [T.Harkness scored,
C.Cannizzaro to second]; A.Moran singled to right field
[C.Cannizzaro scored]; A.Jackson singled to center field
[A.Moran to second]; J.Christopher singled to center field
[A.Moran scored, A.Jackson to third, J.Christopher to second (on
throw)]; D.Smith grounded out (D.Coombs to R.Staub); 5 R, 7 H, 0
E, 2 LOB.  Mets 8, Colts 0.

S.Jackson lined to A.Moran; J.Morgan flied to J.Christopher;
J.Wynn flied to J.Christopher; 0 R, 0 H, 0 E, 1 LOB.  Mets 8,
Colts 0.

Hoerner; R.Hunt popped to J.Morgan; F.Thomas singled to left
field; J.Hickman doubled to left field [F.Thomas to third];
T.Harkness struck out; C.Cannizzaro lined to B.Davis; 0 R, 2 H,
0 E, 2 LOB.  Mets 8, Colts 0.

COLTS 4TH: R.Staub singled to right field; A.Pointer singled to
center field [R.Staub to third]; B.Davis forced A.Pointer
(T.Harkness to A.Moran) [R.Staub scored, B.Davis to first];
G.Vaughan grounded out (A.Jackson to T.Harkness) [B.Davis to
second]; J.Grote was called out on strikes; 1 R, 2 H, 0 E, 1
LOB.  Mets 8, Colts 1.

METS 5TH: A.Moran grounded out (G.Vaughan to R.Staub);
A.Jackson flied to J.Wynn; J.Christopher popped to R.Staub in
foul territory; 0 R, 0 H, 0 E, 0 LOB.  Mets 8, Colts 1.

COLTS 5TH: J.Hoerner reached on an error by T.Harkness
[J.Hoerner to first]; S.Jackson struck out; J.Morgan singled to
right field [J.Hoerner to second]; J.Wynn lined to
J.Christopher; R.Staub singled to right field [J.Hoerner scored
(unearned), J.Morgan to third]; A.Pointer lined to
J.Christopher; 1 R (0 ER), 2 H, 1 E, 2 LOB.  Mets 8, Colts 2.

CHANGED POSITIONS (PLAYING SS); D.Smith grounded out (G.Vaughan
to R.Staub); R.Hunt struck out; F.Thomas grounded out (J.Hoerner
to R.Staub); 0 R, 0 H, 0 E, 0 LOB.  Mets 8, Colts 2.

COLTS 6TH: B.Davis grounded out (R.Hunt to T.Harkness);
G.Vaughan flied to D.Smith; J.Grote singled to center field;
M.WHITE BATTED FOR J.HOERNER; M.White grounded out (J.Hickman to
T.Harkness); 0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB.  Mets 8, Colts 2.

REPLACED M.WHITE (PITCHING); J.Hickman grounded out (G.Vaughan
to R.Staub); T.Harkness popped to J.Morgan; C.Cannizzaro reached
on an error by B.Davis [C.Cannizzaro to second]; A.Moran singled
to center field [C.Cannizzaro scored (unearned)]; A.Jackson
flied to B.Davis; 1 R (0 ER), 1 H, 1 E, 1 LOB.  Mets 9, Colts 2.

COLTS 7TH: E.Fazio walked; J.Morgan grounded out (J.Hickman to
T.Harkness) [E.Fazio to second]; J.Wynn singled to shortstop;
R.Staub popped to R.Hunt; A.Pointer grounded out (A.Moran to
T.Harkness); 0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 2 LOB.  Mets 9, Colts 2.

METS 8TH: J.Christopher walked; D.Smith flied to B.Davis;
R.Hunt grounded out (G.Vaughan to R.Staub) [J.Christopher to
second]; F.Thomas flied to J.Wynn; 0 R, 0 H, 0 E, 1 LOB.  Mets
9, Colts 2.

struck out; G.Vaughan singled to left field; D.Adlesh struck
out; C.WARWICK BATTED FOR J.DICKSON; C.Warwick grounded out
(J.Hickman to T.Harkness); 0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB.  Mets 9, Colts

flied to B.Davis in foul territory; T.Harkness doubled to left
field; D.Drott threw a wild pitch [T.Harkness to third];
C.Cannizzaro out on a sacrifice fly to J.Wynn [T.Harkness
scored]; A.Moran singled to right field; A.Jackson popped to
G.Vaughan; 1 R, 2 H, 0 E, 1 LOB.  Mets 10, Colts 2.

an error by J.Hickman [E.Fazio to first]; J.Morgan tripled to
right field [E.Fazio scored (unearned)]; J.Wynn walked; R.Staub
struck out; A.Pointer struck out; B.Davis grounded out
(A.Jackson to E.Kranepool); 1 R (0 ER), 1 H, 1 E, 2 LOB.  Mets
10, Colts 3.

Final Totals      R   H   E  LOB
 Mets            10  15   2   8
 Colts            3  11   3  12