Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Look here first for answers. If that doesn't help, write us and we'll try to make this massive site make sense to you.

  • Who are you guys? is a not-for-profit fan site devoted to the Houston Astros which celebrates the team's players and history dating back to 1962 as well as providing links to news, information, opinions and discussion about the Astros from a variety of sources so that Astros fans have the resources to learn about the ballclub and better enjoy the experience of being fans of the Houston Astros.

    We are NOT the official site of the Astros and we have no say whatsoever with the ballclub so it is useless to ask us for special arrangements of any kind. If you wish to reach the players or the organization, we urge you to contact them through the following snail mail address:

    Houston Astros
    P.O. Box 288
    Houston, TX 77001-0288

  • How do I contact you or one of your columnists?

    The best place to start is our contributors page. For guest columnists, an e-mail address was supplied at the top of each column by clicking on the name of the columnist. If all else fails, write to and we'll try to direct you to the proper place.

  • How did you guys get started?

    The genesis of began with another site "Kev and Scott's Astros Connection" which followed the Astros in the late 1990s and provided lively, sometimes profane banter in their discussion forum. Astros Connection folded shortly after the infamous legal persecution of fan sites by Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. in 2002.

    A contributor at Astros Connection and a programmer, Ray Kerby wanted a similar fan site to Astros Connection but he wanted a site that was more family friendly and with a greater emphasis on the team's history. That's how was born in 2000.

  • Does Ray still run the site?

    Unfortunately, no. He did much of the ground work and early site design but now has little involvement as he has chosen to go into other areas with his life. He handed the reins over to Darrell Pittman in 2004, who ran until 2008 when he decided to give up ownership of the site. Bob Hulsey then took over responsibility for it and is the current caretaker of it.

  • You mentioned a legal fight with MLB Properties? Tell me more.

    In July 2002, Ray received a cease and desist letter from lawyers representing Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., the marketing arm of Major League Baseball. The lawyers demanded that the site remove all photos and graphics containing Astros logos and marks, including any photos of players in uniform. Other fan sites, principally those of the Astros, Yankees and Mets, were also sent this letter, claiming we were infringing on trademark copyrights. Many sites chose to shut down rather than contest the claims.

    Ray was planning to do the same. His site received publicity from CNN, ESPN and other media about his plight as the deadline drew near. One of the site's friends, James Anderson, contacted Astros owner Drayton McLane, along with Pam Gardner and Rob Matwick, who negotiated an agreement that both sides could live with. We took down any team logos but were allowed to leave up photos of the players and their opponents provided the photos were properly attributed. We are extremely grateful for Mr. McLane and the Astros' involvement in keeping this site going, although it does not exempt them from criticism, at times, when it seems warranted.

  • Why do you devote so much of the site to team history?

    Simply, if you don't know where you came from, you can't fully appreciate where you are. Major League Baseball in Houston has a long and colorful history that deserves to be preserved and studied so it can be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations. Thousands of people have contributed to the success of the franchise and each deserves recognition in some way. Besides, we think baseball history is cool.

    We believe is the best site on Astros history to be found anywhere. And we aren't finished. We hope to continue to include new features as well as update the site as new history is made.

  • I have login/other issues with the Discussion Forum. Can you help?

    At one time, Ray ran his own forum on the AstrosDaily site. He found this tiresome to administrate and subjected him to some legal jeopardy so he closed down his forum and redirected everyone to another existing forum called "Astros Baseball Talk", first hosted on EZ Board and now hosted on has no control over this forum nor its content, although we encourage anyone who wishes to chat about the Astros to join. If you have specific issues with the forum, contact its administrator or the people at

  • Can I advertise on your site?

    No. We're not-for-profit so we accept no advertising. We are also not interested in buying advertisements for any other site.

  • Can I swap links with your site?

    Maybe. If your site is baseball oriented and has a page or section devoted to the Astros, we will consider a link swap with your site. Just e-mail us and we'll see what we can agree to. We generally reject links to gambling and fantasy-themed sites.

  • Can I use photos, audio or video from your site? does not claim ownership of most photos and audio/video found on our site. We make these available as part of the fair use clause regarding websites whose purposes are non-profit and educational or historical in nature. We try to cite the source of all materials used when possible. If you feel that any photo or media clip are improperly sourced, please let us know and we will correct the situation.

  • Can I write for you guys?

    Probably. We encourage guest columns. Submit them to and we will edit them a bit for spelling and grammar then put them online. We do reserve the right to decline any submission we feel is inappropriate or not sufficiently relevant to baseball history or the Houston Astros. We will also edit out any profanity or statements that may be potentially libelous. No journalism degrees are necessary. If you'd like to submit a column just once or on an ongoing basis, we welcome either type so long as they fit our general guidelines. We cannot pay for writing/interviews.

    All opinions expressed at reflect those of the author who wrote them which may or may not reflect the opinion of the ownership. Authors are generally free to express whatever they wish, including political thought, as long as the overall content meets our general guidelines (baseball-related, not profane, not libelous, etc.). It is not our intent to censor thought here, but prefer that the focus remain on baseball.

  • Can I support financially?

    At present, no apparatus is in place for this but we are looking into it as a means to cover the roughly $300/yr cost for site hosting and URL ownership. If we choose to accept monetary donations, we will make it known and we will find a way to publicly recognize our contributors.

  • Your retired numbers on the front page don't match the ones the Astros retired. Why?

    The Astros Daily doesn't retire numbers. We have our own Hall of Fame completely independent from the Astros. Unlike their retired numbers, our Hall is based solely on the player's length of service to the ballclub and their on-the-field accomplishments as a Colt .45/Astro.

    That being said, here's the reasoning behind our individual choices:

    The Rainbow jerseys were chosen because they are quintessentially and uniquely "Astro". To date we have received no objections from the players concerned.

  • My husband/boyfriend/neighbor claims he used to play for the Astros. Is it true?

    You'd be amazed how often we get this question. First, we have an exhaustive All-Time Roster which should be easy to check for anyone that played a regular season game with the Astros during their National League tenure (1962-2012).

    Secondly, a lot of folks have been in the Astros' minor league system over the years or were invited to Spring Training or got some type of honorary contract back in the day. It would be impossible for us to keep track of all of them. If they played in the regular season up through the 2012 campaign, you should find a bio for them here.

    We also have a year-by-year list of every player drafted in the June amateur draft as well as some other drafts so you may wish to review those if you aren't satisfied with the All-Time Roster.

  • Some links take me to "not found".

    Regrettably, there are still areas of the site that need updating, particularly with some recent player pages and recent yearly pages. We apologize for the errors and hope to correct these when we can.

    Thank you for your time and interest in our site. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

    Bob Hulsey

    Last updated: September 10, 2013.