In Memory of Jose Sosa

Jose Sosa...Rest In Peace
Diario (translated from Spanish)
June 11, 2013

(c) Houston Astros

Jose Sosa, remembered in the ranks of the Leones del Escogido in the mid-70s, when before the games players and journalists sat in the clubhouse to hear the experiences of Pepe Lucas and the jokes of Federico Velasquez, with Raul Ferreiras, Silvio Martinez, Ramon Romero, Martin Rivas and other players who were part of the choir.

Sosa was placed on the bench, and seldom heard about but he always greeted us and was so affable. He was a gentleman.

Yesterday I received the information from Joelisa Mota that Josť Sosa died Saturday at age 60, in hospital Billini Father, and was buried on Sunday in the cemetery of the Sanchez.

Sosa, cousin of Felipe, Mateo and Jesus Rojas Alou, debuted in the majors on Tuesday, July 22, 1975, against the Montreal Expos at Jarry Parc, where he lost in relief role.

His first saved game was July 30, 1975, against the Padres in San Diego, and in that game managed the feat of being the first pitcher in his first turn at the plate to hit a homer. Sosa got the four-bagger in the eighth inning against Dan Frisella of the San Diego Padres in the Astrodome in Houston.

Jose's last game was on Monday September 26, 1976 against San Diego. His record in the majors was 1-3, 4.60 ERA with a save. He pitched in 34 games, 58.2 innings, 67 hits allowed, 29 walks and 36 strikeouts.

In nine seasons in the minor leagues he recorded 41 wins, 53 losses, 4.25 ERA, 629 innings, 576 hits allowed, 297 runs, 427 walks and 497 strikeouts.

He debuted in the Dominican League Leones del Escogido, and pitched up to 1978 where he appeared in 111 games, 252.1 innings, 218 hits allowed, with a record of 9-13 and a 2.96 ERA.

For several seasons after his retirement, he served as a bullpen coach.