In Memory of Lee Maye

Lee Maye dead at 67
Sports Illustrated, obituary
July 31, 2002

(c) Houston Astros

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) -- Lee Maye, who played in the Milwaukee Braves outfield with Hank Aaron in the 1960s while enjoying a career as a professional singer, has died at 67.

Maye died July 17 of pancreatic cancer at Riverside Community Hospital, his wife, Patricia, said.

Maye began his 13-year major league career in 1959 and played with the Braves from 1959 to 1965. He later played for the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians, Washington Senators and Chicago White Sox before retiring in 1971.

Maye had a lifetime average of .274 and was admired for his ability to juggle his baseball and music careers.

He performed with two doo-wop groups -- Arthur Lee Maye and the Crowns, and Country Boys & City Girls -- and sometimes sang with The Platters.

He produced several popular singles during his 1960s recording career, including Gloria, Cool Loving and I Wanna Love. Maye's 1964 album Halfway Out of Love sold more than 500,000 copies.

"He knew that it was unique and special," brother Eugene Maye said of the dual pursuits. "There is no one that I could think of that could play sports and sing better."