In Memory of Julio Gotay

Julio Gotay, 69; Was Major League Infielder
July 5, 2008

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Julio Gotay Sanchez, former ballplayer for the Mayaguez Indians in Puerto Rican professional baseball, passed away yesterday, Friday, of respiratory failure in the Santo Asilo de Damas hospital in Ponce. He was 69 years of age.

He is survived by Silvia his wife, with whom he was married 48 years and their children Julio, Agustín and the twins Irma and Silvia.

Gotay entered the hospital on June 17 to be treated for cancer of the prostate and passed away yesterday. The body of the well-known ballplayer was exhibited today, Saturday, in the funeral parlor of Jackie Oliver, in the Cuatro Calles area of Ponce. Tomorrow, Sunday, the body will be transferred to his native town, Fajardo, to be held in the Carrasco funeral home and the burial will be on Monday, at 1:00pm, in the new cemetery, located in the Florence barrio of Fajardo.

Gotay Sanchez also played in the Puerto Rican Beisbol League with the Santurce Crabbers and was a close friend of the great Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates. In addition, he played with the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels and the Houston Astros in the Major Leagues.

After his retirement as professional ballplayer, he finished his education and for many years was a school master in Ponce, the city where he made his home.