Note: This survey was done before the 2003 season and is meant to reflect the opinions of our panel at that time. Obviously, a few changes might be in order now that a few more years have passed - Bob Hulsey

One continuing and contentious debate among fans has always been "Who was the greatest?" For Astros fans, it's no different. Everyone has different opinions about which Astros were the greatest of all time, and why. This feature is an attempt to settle that question, once and for all, or at least until the beginning of the 2003 season! It represents the aggregate opinion of hundreds of years of fandom, based on the opinions and analysis of expert fans who have followed the franchise for decades.

The Rules

Each of the experts listed below were asked to provide an all-time 25 man roster consisting of the following:

A starter and backup at each infield position, three starting outfielders and two backups, five starting pitchers and five relief pitchers. At least one starting outfielder was required to be a centerfielder. No specific criteria were given to determine which players were more deserving except to consider only each player's performance with the Astros.

In most cases, the starting player and backup were clear-cut based on the selections by the experts. However, there was a tie for the starter position at third base, and also for the backup position at first base. The fan community's love-hate relationship with Billy Wagner continued, with Wagner receiving the most 1st-place votes of any relief pitcher while simultaneously being excluded from three ballots.

Some significant players receiving support but missing the cut: Don Wilson, Larry Andersen, Craig Reynolds and Terry Puhl.

The Players

Please select on a particular position to view the selections and the associated comments.

First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Starting Rotation

The Experts

Jeff Burk: (email) A statistics guru, Jeff writes an analysis column, "Crunch Time" for the Astros fansite

Gene Elston: A veteran in radio broadcasting, Elston was the "Voice of the Houston Astros" from 1962 to 1986 and is now a leading candidate for the Ford C. Frick award.

Bob Hulsey: (email) Author of This Date in Astros History and many other historical features, Bob has followed the team since its first days in the Astrodome and continues his efforts to share its rich and unique history for current and future fans.

Ray Kerby: (email) Creator of the website, Ray has been a devoted fan of the team since the early Seventies and contributes to the general sabermetric community with his A.S.S. statistical software.

John Lauck: (email) A writer of the regular feature "Astroday", now hosted on, John Lauck is quite possibly the most dedicated Astros fan in existence. His passion for the team is reflected in both the quality and quantity of his online contributions.

Greg Lucas: (email) An announcer for the Astros televised broadcasts on FoxSports, Greg Lucas has become a fan favorite with his willingness to continually interact with the fans and provide his on-the-field perspective.

Dr. Bill McCurdy: (email) A true student of the history of the sport whose experiences goes back to the Houston Buffs minor-league team, Bill recently served as the Vice Chair of the Selection Committee for the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame. He regularly frequents the Astros EZBoard forum, posting as "Houston Buff".

Michael Nash: (email) A preeminent source of information on the Astros' farm system and lifelong fan, Michael is an indispensable contributor to the website with his regular column, "Minor Opinions", and his daily in-season "Crop Reports".

Darrell Pittman: (email) A true fan of the team's history, Darrell is a key contributor to the history section of and co-writes the "Double Play" column with his wife, Susan.

Andy Tomczeszyn: (email) Another devoted fan of the team, Andy is a key contributor to the website with his regular column, "Zipper Flap", and can be found online in the Talk Zone forum as "Andyzipp".


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