Brandon Backe's Bullpen

added 3/25/2010 by Darrell Pittman

This evening I drove down to Dickinson to check out Backe's Bullpen (2709 Dickinson Ave. (FM 1266), Dickinson, TX).

There's really not much to see there. It's just another bar. A few signed jerseys on the wall is about the only testament to Astros' history.

Tha place is brand-new and well-appointed. The service is excellent, but the menu is somewhat limited. If you're not looking for much more than beer and wings, you're in luck.

There are a number of HD video screens around the place, although only one was running while I was there, and it was inexplicably showing a soccer game.

It has an outdoor patio which will no doubt see more use once more clement weather graces the Houston area, so diners who prefer al fresco will be pleased.

The place is very clean, and there's planty of parking.

Darrell Pittman