One Fan Who Is No Longer Excited About Opening Day

added 3/16/2009 by James Anderson

There was a time when I looked excitedly toward opening day in baseball. This was a rite that exhilarated me every since I was 11 years old. I will turn 63 this year.

There was a time when I would pour over the daily box scores like a research scientists studying his notes on his viral drug cultures in his laboratory. I would follow the top hitters and pitchers and keep charts on what they would have to do the remainder of the season to hit that .330 batting average or reach 40 home runs or win 20 games. I did this because I had such a burning passion for the great American pastime. A game that was a woven part of the fabric of the American culture as the stars on Old Glory.

That has all changed. I am no longer excited when opening day is here and the umpire yells "Play ball!". I no longer have any interest in the history and the heritage of the game. I no longer care about the baseball stats nor the stats of those players of years ago. I have become apathetic toward the game of baseball.

This is not something that I brought on myself. Like millions of fans as myself, Major League Baseball did it to me. They did it by presenting the game as a continued legitimate form of competition while knowingly defrauding the fans by presenting a tainted product. Self-serving arrogant ballplayers began using steroids to get an edge and while doing so, they crapped on the history and heritage of this game and at the same time, also destroyed the very fabric of the game. This, in and of itself, was not enough to make me an apathetic fan. There was much more.

The use and abuse of illegal performance enhancing drugs was league wide likely dating back to at least 1990. How was this able to continue as long as it did without being exposed? The reason is the Major League Baseball Players Association led by union president Donald Fehr, his vice president and their union goons who put in place a systematic plan to hide the use of steroids in baseball while at the same time having a baseball commissioner named Bud Selig who was nothing more than a gofer and lap dog for the union and executives in a conspiracy to hide the trafficking and illegal use of federally banned drugs in Major League Baseball.

Commissioner Selig used the excuse that nothing could have been done because anabolic steroids and human growth hormones were not on the banned substance list as noted in the Players Union contract. Never mind the fact that the trafficking and use of such drugs were against federal law. What makes this even worse is the habitual use of these federally banned drugs were known league wide by players, coaches, trainers, GMs, the union, owners and all the way down to the scouts who were the point men in leading young potential ballplayers in the right direction as to where to attain the illegal steroids they needed to bulk up. In my mind, because this was a league-wide cover up that also included the Players Union, this was worse than the Black Sox scandal of 1919 and easily makes Pete Rose's actions resemble that of a nun.

Add to all of this the ballplayers who have been outright lying to everyone who was willing to listen that they never used steroids only to be exposed later as steroid users. Or, those that whine like babies that their credibility is being damaged because they are being found guilty by association by the fans and the press. My answer to them is, yes, you are as guilty because even if you knew it was happening and turned and looked the other way. That makes you an accomplice.

We read about the fraud and greed that have brought down many lending institutions, Wall Street, the Bernie Madoff scam. Well, Major League Baseball is right up there with them as one of the major national entities guilty of at least consumer fraud and likely of racketeering, illegal drug trafficking and obstruction of justice.

How can Major League Baseball regain its legitimacy and credibility because at this point in time they are no more legitimate than those phony world wrestling organizations or a three ring circus? At least we know they are fake and staged shows.

First, for big league baseball to regain respectability and credibility, they need to fire Commissioner Bud Selig, get rid of Union president Donald Fehr and his vice president along with their corrupt lawyers. Every owner who had players using the illegal drugs and turned and looked the other way, forced to sell out and finally cut off all scouting in Latin American countries and do not sign any more Latin American ballplayers until those countries outlaw steroids that are readily available to anyone in those countries with some cash because they are not illegal under the laws of those Latin American countries. Until this is done, in my opinion, every ballplayer coming out of Latin America is dirty.

Of course, we know baseball will never do this because this would be like the criminal bringing himself to court and we know this won't happen.

Therefore, the only other recourse to bring legitimacy and credibility back to Major League Baseball is the DEA will have to crash the offices of the Players Union offices and the commissioners office with battering rams and arresting Selig, Fehr and his goons and confiscate all of their files and computer hard drives and haul them all to jail in handcuffs. What's good for Bernie Madoff is good for these guys. Plus, the Attorney General's office of every state that has a major league franchise that had ballplayers playing for them who were exposed as steroid users, consumer fraud charges need to be brought up against the owners of these teams. And finally, every ballplayer who used steroids, their records should be expunged from the official record books forever and if they are still on an active roster, banned from the game forever.

Once the game has been cleaned of all of these crooks and drug traffickers then fans like myself will consider returning to the game as a legitimate fan to once again watch a legitimate form of competition.

-James Anderson