Astros have no confidence

added 8/29/2005 by Orlando Cepeda

I watch the majority of the Astros televised games and I get the impression that with every Astros defeat they have not "heart" or are simply overmatched. As an everyday fan and I want the Astros to win as much as the next fan does, but I get frustrated when the players and managers really have no idea what they are doing in the field. Here are some examples I have seen: 1. Earlier when the Astros were winning Garner was pulling the trick book every game, now I am waiting for something but he does nothing. I loved when Garner called for the squeeze and win a game by it. 2. I am the first fan that will say Chris Burke has no business in the majors. Yes he has hit somewhat, but I can bet there is somebody in the minors that could contribute better (Scott). Burke to me looks very arrogant for a rookie. 3. If a pitcher (Astacio) will not listen to his coach after giving up so many homerun then he needs to catch the next ride to the minors again. 4. I am not convinced by Garner's style of managing. I can see why he had losing seasons with his other ball clubs. If you have a set lineup that is winning games then why are you changing the lineup every other game. Stick with what works. 5. Make a trade! Why can't ownership quit being cheap and open their wallets to some good talent out in the open. I realize that salary questions, but if you are committed to winning money is not an issue. 6. Let Harville go or send him to the minors. How many times has he come into a game and give up the game inning homerun. 7. It really it is frustrating for me at least to see Clemens have such an awesome season go to waste just because the Astros did nothing offensively and or management did nothing for him by providing another powerful bat. 8. Forget about Kent and Beltran in my eyes both are traitors. Lets be real both left for financial reasons. I loved it when Beltran was booed when he came to Minute Maid Park. I was there and enjoyed booing. Kent is very good but extremely arrogant, maybe Burke should hang out with Kent. I still love the Astros. I have been a fan since 1988. I have enjoyed the playoff seasons, but currently I am very frustrated with the direction the Astrso are going, nowhere.