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I want to thank all of you who have contributed more questions for me to tackle regarding the Astros and baseball.

Which is the greater weakness of the Astros, the 4 and 5 spots in the rotation, or the lack of one more power bat in the lineup? Given that the Astros made a move to add pitching (Moyer) and stood pat on adding a bat, do you think they made the right move?

Also, do you think Jeff Bagwell could show up in a pinch-hitting role in September, and hopefully, October?

Darrell Pittman

Like everyone else around here have my fingers crossed that things will turn out well this year. A lot of it will have to do with the offensive attack. I was asked whether I think the #4 and #5 starter spots are a bigger weakness than the lack of one more power bat.

While it is true the back half of the rotation has not been consistent what has been more consistent has been lack of offensive punch. That has been a problem no matter which pitcher is on the mound. While the left field position has been unproductive compared to what most teams can put in the outfield the lineup has more than just one hole offensively. One more “power bat” would improve things, but it would not likely turn the whole offense around. So, to answer the question, the weakness of the club is in the run production area first and foremost.

Since you worked for both the Rangers and the Astros, what's your take on the Kenny Rogers incident? Some say he was being constantly hounded by the media into lashing out and others say that it was he who was constantly hounding some of the local media guys and he just finally lost in front of the cameras this time.


Another question had to do with my early roots with the Rangers where I did TV play by play for six seasons. Who is the real Kenny Rogers? All I can say is the Kenny Rogers I knew is not the short fused camera pusher. Actions like that are a result of previous actions that could be career related, home related or media related. I suspect from what I have heard at least two of those three are factors. Kenny and the Rangers have not agreed to further employment after this season even after Kenny had to compromise his desires on his current contract. Kenny also had a problem with some so-called confidential information being leaked to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and was not talking to their representatives prior to his incident with the camera men.

The Texas Baseball Hall of Fame inducted Kenny last fall in Houston and he could not have been more gracious. The Kenny Rogers who blew up is not the man I know.

Have you thrown my hat into the ring for the road radio job?


Unless it was a typo I got one question asking me to throw their hat into the Astro back up radio job for road games next season. Send me a hat. In the meantime, I have officially submitted my name and interest in backing up Milo in 2006. As some of you know I began my career in baseball working minor league games in Buffalo and have filled in on Astros radio or television in the booth for perhaps 100 games over the last decade including 55 or more radio games in 2000 when Milo suffered back problems.

Thanks for your fine work, Greg. Now, a uniform question: the home “alternate” or all white jersey with the red cap is so superior to the ugly pinstripes that are regularly worn that I do not understand why it has not replaced the pinstripes as the regular home uniform. Can you shed any light on this?

Bob Fletcher


A question of the Astros uniforms brings up a thought of mine. The writer liked the Saturday all white uniform with the brick red hat. I go about half way on that. I like the Saturday home whites, too. But I would like it better with the navy cap UNLESS they also changed the undersleeves and socks to brick red. There is a large poster featuring Roger Clemens on the south side of MMP. He is wearing the white Saturday home uniform with the navy cap. I think it looks very sharp. I am NOT a fan of the brick red topped Sunday home uniform. But thats just me.

What's your favorite baseball game you've ever been to, 'Stros or otherwise?

Astros Win

A question about my favorite game ever attended is hard to come up with. I did play by play for all nine innings of Kenny Rogers’ perfect game in Arlington. I worked as the field level man for the Astro six pitcher no hitter at Yankee Stadium. But game five of last year’s NLCS that Jeff Kent won with his home run might be the most thrilling with everything taken into consideration. The atmosphere in MMP and on the streets outside would only compare to that day when the Astros win a World Series.

No question really, would just like to say hello to the guys in the booth, I was listening in 64 when Dierk made his debut and struck out Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. Back then, I listened on a transistor radio,and now I watch on FSN on my big HDTV with grandkids all around. I have met Dierker, Deshaies, Bagwell, Biggio, Ryan, etc., in person, and success couln't come to a better bunch.

D. Dodd----Rodessa,LA.

To Mr. Dodd in Rodessa, La., thanks for the nice words about the entire Astro TV crew and those Astros past and present who you have met. You are right about the quality of persons who have worn the Astro uniform. I’ve been around several other teams in baseball and in other sports and the Astros year to year have always been the best.

And finally, a Jeff Bagwell update. It is likely he will be activated for September, but expecting anything more than a few random pinch-hit at bats may be asking a lot. His swing is getting better day by day with an occasional setback. But for his throwing arm to be strong enough to play is asking even more.

Thanks for writing...and don’t forget, you can always contact me -- whether we mention it on the telecast or not -- by checking into http://www.foxsports.com and in the search box typing "astros booth". I will answer everything, although some of you with spam blockers may not get the reply. Be sure your address is typed properly, too.