Rainbow in Arlington

added 7/6/2003 by Darrell Pittman

Susan and I drove up to Dallas Friday afternoon, June 20, to take in our first-ever ballgame at the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Rangers-Astros series.

This is the House That Dubya Built.

The ballpark itself is beautiful. It's not quite "retro" in the way that Astros Field is, but has a style of its own. To its credit, walking though it doesn't give me that claustrophobic feeling that I get when I'm in the Houston crib.

Getting in and out, though, is a royal hassle. The traffic and parking are atrocious.

If you stay at one of the nearby hotels, don't make the mistake of taking the ballpark "shuttle"... it'll take you even longer than just driving and parking yourself. On the way back to the hotel after the first second game, Susan and I walked the ten blocks back and still beat the shuttle bus.

We were roaming around town Saturday morning and found a store where they had some Astros gear, and I got a rainbow-gut jersey (at long last!). They have them here in Houston but they're always 3X size, but I got one that fit me... boys' large :-)

We met a really nice man who works as usher/gatekeeper to Arlington's equivalent of Club Level. His name shall remain undisclosed but his initials are Bob Knox. He saw my Astros gear and told me that he grew up in Houston, was a big Buffs' fan, and that he was part of the "knothole gang."

As with most of our trips, serendipity inevitably comes into play at some point. This time, it was on the way home. Barelling down I-45 through Buffalo, TX, toward Houston, what did we spot from the highway? You guessed it, a buffalo.

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