First week thoughts

added 4/8/2003 by Raymond Desadier

o What an opening day ceremony. If you watched that and didn’t get teary eyes, goose bumps or at least a little tingle, please see a physician. Or leave.

o Speaking of people needing to leave, Hollywood has made several movies about people swapping bodies: father and son, sisters, best friends, whatever. Now we have the real deal on the diamond: Brad Ausmus and Lance Berkman. Ausmus’ totals: 2 HR, 7 BI, 0 GIDP. Berkman: 0 HR, 0 BI, 2 GIDP.

o If Craig Biggio were granted immunity from walking or striking out in his last at bat in the first game vs. Cincinnati, Scott Williamson would still be throwing him sliders away and Biggio would still be trying to hit them.

o If Craig Biggio were to play baseball for another 15 years he’d probably still think he could actually hit a slider away. And he’d be the first baseman after a brief stint at third.

o Where was Jimy Williams’ quick hook when Jeriome Robertson was getting roughed up in his first start? I guess he’s saving it for a more opportune time, say later in the year when ole Jeriome is throwing a shutout in the 8th inning.

o If releasing Shane Reynolds truly wasn’t about the money then why wasn’t Brian Moehler released instead? Reynolds was a fixture in the organization, highly respected in the clubhouse, like family to the core of the team and the owner (supposedly), and was once a very good pitcher.

Moehler on the other hand has only been an Astro since January, therefore a relative unknown to the team (other than former Detroit teammate Ausmus) who has hardly ever sniffed an ERA below 4.00 and has not proven to be any less injury prone than Shane (Shane has actually threw more innings over the past 3 seasons than Moehler, 387 2/3 to 249 and threw 74 innings to Moehler’s 63 last season).

That leaves only one difference: Moehler makes $500,000 this season. Shane makes $1 million plus $5.75 in possible and very achievable bonuses. So how is that not about the money??

o Now that Geoff Blum is no longer a blonde, where are Blum’s Blondes and what is their new handle?

o Not only has Richard Hidalgo maintained very respectable numbers, he’s been hitting the ball to right field, and hitting it well. If that continues, our NL best 3-5 hitters will become the NL’s best 3-6 combo and not even hitting .500 for New Orleans could get Jason Lane to Astros Field. At least until next year when Lane is playing for another team and Hidalgo regresses yet again into a .230 pull hitter.

o How appropriate was it that on the night that Roy Oswalt was compared to Nolan Ryan on the pregame show that the Wizard received Ryan-like run support (1 measly run).

o And you know it’s only the first week of the season when Mr. Oswalt (.400) has a higher batting average than the entire starting lineup. If his start against Cincinnati is any indication of the run support he’s going to receive this year then he’d better maintain that average.

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