St. Louis will win the Central

added 4/7/2002 by Steve Cutchen

St. Louis is simply a more fundamentally sound baseball team than the Astros. Sure, we won the game today. But probably because of the way the Cardinals were forced to use their bullpen on Friday.

Observations from today's game:

  • Kile couldn't get his curve ball over for a strike (expect for the called 3rd strike on Bagwell in the first, which really looked like a borderline call.) Even so, we couldn't get to him. Vizcaino missed a full count fastball in the 1st. And Hidalgo missed one in the 2nd. EVERYBODY knew they were getting 3-2 fastballs. EVERYBODY knew the big yacker from Kile was AWOL.
  • It's time for Marrero to start working his way back down to his career average, please. After singles in the 3rd and 5th, he was hitting .889.
  • In the third, Miller gets behind Marrero 3-0. Of course, what follows is a base hit. Now Kile bunts, Vina hits. La-de-da. Run for the Cardinals. Duh. Pure fundamental baseball.
  • And on Vina's hit... to Ward... what's up with not hitting the cutoff man? Marrero's on 2nd with 2 outs, clean single to "deep" left (as deep as it gets...) and Ward throws... HOME? He simply GAVE Vina second base. [SIGH!] That's what I mean about fundamental baseball. The Astros don't always play it. And that's why the Cardinals are better. Polanco CRUSHES a liner which would have scored Vina, but it was right at Ward. Lucky break.
  • Berkman went through 2 ABs still swinging early in the count. And getting himself out. Then he walked 4 straight times; 2 intentional. I'd like to see him push the count.
  • Ward spanked the ball twice early on. One about 40 feet further than Edmund's homer. But it was to a deeper spot.
  • Ensberg hit a ROPE to right in the 4th. Drew made a catch on the dead run. That is a double against us. We don't have the speed or the arms that St. Louis has in the outfield.
  • Speaking of Ensberg, what's up with swinging on 3-0 counts? At 3-0, he hits into a 6-4-3 DP in the 6th with Berkman on third and Ward on first. Then in the 8th, with runners at second and third, he swings at another 3-0 pitch, fouling off ball four before lining into another double play when Berkman couldn't get back on the liner to third.
  • Lugo can't bunt. Not getting the bunt down in the 10th was a serious problem and shows how we don't have fundamentals down.
  • Zahn can't bunt. Not getting the bunt down in the 11th was a serious problem and shows how we don't have fundamentals down. Can Ausmus bunt? If so, he should have pinch hit simply to get the bunt down. The Cardinals got every bunt down.
  • What's with all the steals? Marrero stole THIRD with one out in the `12th! Can you imiagne that? Can you imagine what LaRussa would do if he got thrown out? But his jump was so big there was no throw! On a steal of THIRD! Come on, guys! At least LOOK at the runners once in a while. And a steal of home? E-2!
  • Who said Bagwell's not clutch? Double in the 9th, 2 RBI. Single in the 11th to move Vizcaino to third. Remember games like this when averages take their toll in games to come.
  • Why does Stone pitch from the stretch with nobody on?
  • Ward! A Walk-Off-Home-Run!

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