Miller Time! I'm 3 Sheets to the Wind!

added 4/5/2001 by Steve Cutchen

What can you say about Miller?

On my scorecard:

  • 7.2 IP
  • 106 pitches, 77 strikes, 29 balls
  • 11 Ks, NO walks!
  • 6 hits; 5 singles and Bernitz's homer.
  • Non strikeouts: 8 ground ball outs, 1 liner, 2 fly balls, 1 caught stealing.

    (And of the 2 fly ball outs, only one was to the outfield)

Not only did he not walk anyone, he only went to three balls on three batters... out of 28 faced!

On the offensive side...


Three homers in three games to start the season. Only McGwire and Mays have done 4.

Sheets must have really felt stoopid in the 2nd. Two outs and Miller on deck. Truby hits a 2-1 pitch onto the railroad tracks. Sheets had two strike outs to start the inning, then a walk to Ausmus, the #7 batter... and a bomb by #8.

The 8 hitter has a lot of responsibility. He has to be a pretty good OBP guy; maybe the #2 OBP guy behind the leadoff hitter. If he makes the third out, not only does he end an inning, but he ensures the next inning starts with the pitcher. Truby's been awesome.

Sheets learned his lesson. In the 3rd Truby again came up with 2 outs and with runners on 2nd and 3rd... This time Sheets gave him the intentional pass, and Miller grounded out to Belliard.


Daryle went 2 for 4, with both being doubles; 2 RBI and a run scored. This guy is gonna make it hard to pry him out of the lineup.

How great was the call to put Barker in to run in the 7th. No way Ward scores on Ausmus' single... but there wasn't even a throw on Barker. Sure it didn't matter much in THIS game. But it shows what we can do with our bench.


2 for 3 with another dinger to salt the game away in the 7th.

Ain't That the Sheets!

Gold-Medal boy actually pitched pretty well:

  • 6 IP
  • 90 pitches, 51 strikes and 39 balls
  • Same 6 hits as Miller.

So what happened? Well, look at the 3rd inning. After Biggio grounded out to 3rd:

  • Vizcaino was HBP.
  • Then Bagwell walked.
  • Berkman singled, scoring Viz, Bagwell to 2nd
  • Wild pitch moves Bagwell to 3rd, Lance to 2nd.
  • Walk to Doggie...

    NOTHING here was hit hard. But Sheets had to be gripping... one run in and the bases juiced.

    Ward comes up. And he takes the FIRST PITCH to the wall for a double.

    Three runs from 2 base hits.

This was the only inning where Sheets threw more balls than strikes, at 14 and 8. One inning of lost concentration. Maybe because of Truby's shot in the 2nd?

Miller, on the other hand, had a messy 2nd inning, giving up a run on three singles. But he responded by setting down 14 of the next 16.

I'm getting psyched. My son and I will be at the Pirates game on Sunday. If you're there, well be in Section 334, row 2. First time we've sat out there.

After the game, I'll post a REAL At The Game report.

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