Love is in the Air

added 11/29/2000 by Ray Kerby

What is it with you people? I start an Astro fan site and you go bonkers! Well before everyone jumps to conclusions about the intentions of this site and its relationship to Kev & Scott's Astros Connection, let me set the record straight before any more time is wasted over this non-issue.

Let it be known to everyone that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Kev & Scott. Most of the regulars at that awesome site know that I, along with many other fans, have spent a lot of personal time and effort to make their site successful. And now that The Astros Daily is up and running, a lot of headless chickens are running around, squawking that I have somehow betrayed Kev & Scott and intend to compete with them to the detriment of Astro fans worldwide. Next thing you know rumors will start up that Scott kicked me off the site because I was having an affair with Kevin or something like that. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth (it was Kevin that kicked me off).

The facts are simple and straightforward. I left Astros Connection solely because of personality conflicts not related at all to Kev or Scott. This site is now up and running because: 1) I am still an Astro nut, 2) I enjoyed writing about the team, 3) I have always wanted to run an Astros site, and 4) I have found someone to share the responsibilities of maintaining the the content. Still, it is perplexing to me that some people think that an additional site with original content is going to somehow be detrimental. And if Kev & Scott do view this site as competition, then maybe we could end up having a 'content war', where both sites tried outdo each other. It's highly unlikely to happen, and also highly unlikely to be detrimental to anyone who enjoys following the team.

The mission of this website is simple: hype everything related to the Astros. Since the objectives of this site are going to be somewhat different from the Astros Connection, you will see some things here that you may not see over there. Obviously there will be some overlap between the sites, but that is unavoidable considering the common focus of both sites. Our message forum exists merely as an alternative to Kev & Scott's TalkZone. If no one uses it, I am not going to lose any sleep over it. But the suggestions that The Astros Daily is a copy of Kev & Scott's site merely because we have a similar message board is in reality an insult to all of the hard work Kev & Scott have done that has nothing to do with the TalkZone.

We do have some writers on board, so hopefully you will enjoy the opinion columns as they come out. I have very little editorial control over them, so don't blame me for anything they write! In fact, I will find out about their columns at the same time as everyone else, since they can post their columns at will. And as you may have already noticed, I have no qualms linking to editorials on other sites if they involve the Astros. My hope is that you will enjoy not having to scour the web to look for Astro-related articles.

And finally, I hope you have your speaker on because that sure is a catchy tune.